The Flashing Burglar Deterrent from Wolf Innovations is an effective
solution to commercial and private property security needs.

This unique and patented device combines all the benefits of an
inexpensive, easy to install ‘dummy’ solution with the latest in
solar panel technology to convey a
convincing, 24 hrs a day ‘system armed’ state.

No other dummy intruder deterrent on the market
utilises this solar power technology

Many ‘genuine alarms’ are costly to purchase, complicated
to install and if set off accidentally, drive neighbouring
property owners crazy whilst many ‘dummy alarms’ either
fail to deter criminals or require a steady supply of
batteries to power visual effects.  

This intruder deterrent provides:

  • Protection in your own home without spending a fortune on a full alarm system
  • Peace of mind without needing to call upon DIY skills!
  • A multiple-location solution for commercial properties
  • A boost to current home security effectiveness through visibility*
  • An environmentally friendly solution to your security needs
  • A perfect opportunity to bolster security whilst making general home improvements

* 60% of home burglaries are carried out from the rear of the property - British Crime Survey 2005/6

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